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myenergy days 2014
(EN) Find out how we can support your project - competent and reliable. (DE) Wir zeigen Ihnen gerne, wie wir Ihr Projekt unterstützen können - kompetent und zuverlässig. (FR) Laissez-nous vous montrer comment nous pouvons soutenir votre projet - compétent et fiable.

Luxembourg - truly good
EnergyConsult featured in Luxembourg Ministry of Economy image campaign

PRIMe House update 12oct2012
Présentation du nouveau régime d'aides àpd 2013 - Updates regarding government subsidies after 2013

Prime House - Subsidien /Subsidies
offizielle Bekanntgabe der neuen staatlichen Förderung für energieeffizientes Bauen & Sanieren, ---- EN -----> official news regarding new state subsidies for energy efficient building & renovation

Offizielle Bestätigung - Avis public
Klasse B-C wird Mindeststandard für Neubauten ab Juli 2012 - CPE classes B-C deviennent exigences minimales pour les bâtiments residentiels à partir de 7/2012

EnergyConsult News

» Quality from the Start

Glober & Partners joins the Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité (MLQ)

The Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité (MLQ) stands for the promotion of quality in products, services and businesses as a whole. With over 200 members, the MLQ has become a reference and networking point for best industry practices in the greater Luxembourg region. “Glober & Partners will avail their knowledge and expertise to the network, with particular focus on product development excellence”, states Dr. Stefan Glober, Managing Director. “Explicit quality standards at every step in a product development project are key to achieving consistently great results and allow for continuous improvement in the quality of output, flexibility and efficiency through problem solving and the application of lessons learned. We support the mission of the MLQ in full”, Glober continues. “Quality is recognized as a key ingredient to sustainable growth and competitiveness of enterprises. The continuous improvement of product development through focus on customer value and best-practices for project execution in terms of quality, flexibility and cost provides the quintessential foundation.”

Posted on 16 Oct 2007
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